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Alice Phoebe Lou + Olmo “Devil’s Sweetheart”
Pigmalião Remix
ynFree008 – OUT NOW

It is a simple equation: Alice Phoebe Lou + Olmo + Pigmalião = a dark and bluesy hit that crawls on your back, claws on tight, tingles in your spine and hisses in your ear : Hey, you, you with your head in the clouds …

Despite the already stunning original, Pigmalião crafts a solid foundation of beats and synths for this bittersweet anthem.

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M.RUX “el baraka” (edit) – ynFree007 – OUT NOW

Silhouetted districts with square shaped mud houses. There is always a crowd of men & boys around strangers in town.

M.RUX processed another gem of gnawa tradition, found in the souks of Tiznit. Goat string driven blues beaten by refurbished percussion & dance figures. Camel skin drums, edgy waves of a classy synth and vocals that call and response to them lord.

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TOFU RESiSTANCE debuts full length “1//23”

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Exploring rhythms and instruments from all over the world has always been a motive in the music of German producer Tobias Kleine aka Tofu Resistance.
His full length debut following a 7“ release on the label YNFND shows him expanding, deepening and developing his passion and techniques in a fusion of various influences. Although sampling still plays a key role in his productions, Kleine plays most of the instruments featured in the album, from Fender Rhodes inspired synthesisers to his Brasilian berimbau or the asian jaw drum.
Originally a trained drummer, you can hear his focus on rhythm and percussion without losing sight of harmonies or intrumentation. 1//23 is a stunning debut with depths and edges that dive into colorful downbeats and shapes, often creating mystery yet solidity, as the album title promises.

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YNFND 014  –  300 numbered copies 7“ vinyl (SOLD OUT)
but unlimited free data to download 

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Pigmalião, not only known for his elegant productions, but for digging the vinyl crates, found another gem
in musical history, this time from Japan. Being truthful to Itsuroh Shimoda’s original he extends the percussion line, shapes the bass and adds psychedelic synths that send shivers down your spine.
Martha van Staaten debuts with her first production. An edit of the Lijadu Sister’s original ‘Osupa I’. Skillfully chopped and baked together. Floating guitar hooks, a laid back bass-line and finely-spun rhythms are the ingredients in that ode to the moon. As the wolf howls: ‘a-ooooooooo’.

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M.RUX “in the hold” REPRESS in RED ViNYL


YNFND 009 M.RUX epic debut EP originally released in 2016 returns in 2018 as red-edition, limited on 300 copies

The new release from Berlin-based multi- instrumentalist and DJ, M.RUX, is a something of a contradiction: at once a slow grind in sweaty ecstasy, while at the same time observing you coolly from a distance, legs crossed, tapping one foot gently. The same goes for the construction of the music. Deceptively simple at first listen, each track builds until a complex, dirty-minded concoction of soul samples, melodies, beats and varied sounds becomes clear.

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KUSHT hits the family

Once upon a time dj Gammler came around the corner with a hint to this scotch guy in Oslo named KUSHT. After mental handshake we met on the slowest dancefloor in town and headed up for more. Here you go with our first affair: A delta of christian spirituals and pop blueprints (your mother would like) by Emmylou Harris – stripped down & reassambled by Buddy aka KUSHT striking for our solid ynFree series at number 5. Shaky beats, petting melodies & potent grooves. May the data be with you.

free download ynFree 005 :
KUSHT : Emmylou Harris – Edits
on Bandcamp

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RLHBSLCN “30 Huevo Mi Patrona” (YNFND 013)
o u t   n o w

Come closer to the fire, traveler. Rest.
Observe the sparks rising into the night sky.
Their flight is not random, and neither is ours.


8 masterpieces (6 on vinyl + 2 digital bonus) or

▶BANDCAMP bit.ly/2KTnin1

RLHBSLCN’s `30 Huevo Mi Patrona´ is a welcome respite for journeyers of all modes of travel. Recorded in his hometown Mendoza, he wandered the streets and back alleys, sampling and lurking around for inspiration, resolving in an acoustic transmissions with synthetic textures and argentinian rhythms. Ambling and disheveled on the surface, a hidden precision reveals itself to the careful observer. Sometimes one has to get lost in order to be found. May 30 Huevo Mi Patrona be your auditory traveling companion.

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MAUGLI’s debut hits off with two fresh tracks for our free download series

The first song „Away“ starts dark with choppy guitar licks, chants and arpeggios, repeating, twirling and pulling you in, drawing you deep into its rhythmic african world. A warm percussive piece, underlined by deep bass and shaky synths, warping and weaving in and out. Schweben’s „Away“,a sample of Merlui Miranda’s „Pamé Daworo“, Ogoya Nengo and The Dodo Women’s Group’s „Kadana“ have been warped into the track.
„I bought a Shotgun“ the infamous Screamin’ Jay Hawkins used by sample trio „Den Sorte Skole“, returns to stage. Based on the pounding guitar pattern of Damon’s Song „Did You Ever“ Maugli kickstarts his second track with a bass and a beat that gets your teeth churning and shakes you to the bone. With delightful twists and turns the track becomes a catchy headbanger that is hard to rest on.

free download ynFree 004 :
MAUGLI “away” & “did you ever” (edits)
on Bandcamp

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Daniel Holmes and Tofu Resistance teaming up for 7“

split 7“ vinyl // 45 rpm
325 numbered copies : shoplink

“Madonna a dítě (II)” by Daniel Holmes shows off with its stumbling percussion. The vocal sample from an old czechoslovakian record darkens the sky for a second before the organic grooving bass meets synthesizers and beats to illuminate the shade and leads us to a brighter and powerful climax.

“The Awakened“ by Tofu Resistance combines formidable beat skills and soothing instrumentation with a poem of empowerment. Slow grooves and peachy synths accompany a pounding mouth harp and a sample of Alicia Keys voice repeating, “if war is holy?”.

Both tracks previously released in our free digital download series ynFree.

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“If war is holy and sex is obscene,
we’ve got it twisted in this lucid dream.“

We are thrilled to welcome our friend and collaborator Tofu Resistance to our free download series with a very unique, powerful and expressive arrangement. “The Awakened“ combines formidable beat skills and soothing instrumentation with a poem of empowerment that makes you wonder and think about our current status of equality of gender, race or nationality.

free download ynFree 003 :
TOFU RESiSTANCE “The Awakened”
on Bandcamp

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back in stock

The pioneering debut and one of the most flavoured albums of 2016 –“Tropical Bird Club” by JAJA is back in stock.
Vinyl-repress with updated artworks but equal substance.

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still hot

YNFree 001 & 002: free digital download series feat. Daniel Holmes & Soček via Bandcamp
YNFND 011: outernational fakelore & fourth-world-fantasys by Kundan Lal on vinyl
YNFND 010: six hand-crafted remixes of M.RUX epic “In the Hold” now on vinyl via hhv.de

a b o u t


Die Geschichte befindet sich in einem Tropfen, gefallen vom juengsten Blatt. Offene Synapsen verfolgen seinen Weg. Mancheiner schliesst seine Augen, mancheiner streckt seine Zunge (zum Fang in die Flugbahn) … “You need friends, not Diskos”-Servicemitarbeiter kuemmern sich um seine planmaeszige Reise!

Wann & Wo wird er aufprallen? Welche Geschichte befindet sich in ihm? Wieviele Tropfen fielen vom juengsten Blatt? Befinden wir uns selbst in ihm? Reite seine Welle und finde!

(ynfnd 2oo5)

for our international lovers (YNFND in ENGLiSH)

YNFND, born out of an artist collective, event organisation & friendship, this small baltic DIY label is known for its eclectic blend of organic and electronic tunes. Focusing on colorful productions beside the mainstream, YNFND acts as source of inspiration for alternative ways of making & publishing music. Nowadays based around Rostock and Berlin, they are also busy as a booking agency and musical network for artist from all around the world.


Seit November 2004 initiieren umtriebig-musikfanatische Freigeister unter dem Deckmantel `youneedfriends-notdiskos´ Konzerte, Parties und andere kulturelle Forschung in & um Rostock. Abseits von Kommerz – hinseits dem Frisch, dem Neu, dem Geborgenen, dem Unbekannten … Unter dem `Regenschirm´ (welcher für `ynfnd´ wappiert) fanden seither unzählig-karätige Shows in diversen liebevoll bestückten Locationen statt – und in der Regel supported by your favourite YNDiskofriends, sprich : die parallel betriebene Brutpflege im eigenen Stall wuchs mit.

Seit 2010 wird Butter bei die Fische beigemacht: YNFND projeziert sich als RECORD LABEL in die Landschaft.



congrats & general inquiries : contact |@| ynfnd |•| com
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