YNFND 012 / 2018 / 7″ vinyl / 45rpm / 325 copies

Side A – Daniel Holmes “Madonna a dítě (II)”

Side B – Tofu Resistance “The Awakened”

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Daniel Holmes and Tofu Resistance teaming up for our new 7“-single.

“Madonna a dítě (II)” shows off with its stumbling percussion. The vocal sample from an old czechoslovakian record darkens the sky for a second before the organic grooving bass meets synthesizers and beats to illuminate the shade and leads us to a brighter and powerful climax.

“The Awakened“ combines formidable beat skills and soothing instrumentation with a poem of empowerment. Slow grooves and peachy synths accompany a pounding mouth harp and a sample of Alicia Keys voice repeating, “if war is holy?”.

Cat.No. YNFND 012
Release: 27.02.2018


Both tracks previously released in our free digital download series ynFree.



"Madonna a dítě (II)" by Daniel Holmes

The a capella vocal line was recorded by James McNeish in South Moravia in 1966 using a portable Nagra II.
 "Orphan´s Lullaby" - a narrative lullaby, of a type rare in western Europe, in which the grief of a child is paramount:

"My father has died, my mother has died, who's going to cradle me, while I'm small?
 There's a cot in the tree and a girl wrapped in waddings,
 my mother is lying in her grave and she knows nothing of this, or of me."

from the original liner notes (Folk Music of Czechoslovakia - Argo LP):

`... in these areas is a complex of regional expression, enriched by western and eastern cultures,
 sufficient to occupy a team of ethno-musicologists for a lifetime. Czech and Slovak history, never a homogeneous thing, 
is a curious jointing of peoples, cultures and religion. The music often reflects this, often in unexpected ways. 
Hybrid plants produce the strangest fruit.´

"The Awakened" by Tofu Resistance

Alicia Keys took the stage at Madison Square Garden during Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards in 2016.
Keys noted it was the 53rd anniversary of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream Speech,” 
and she wanted to share a poem.
It was a moment without the glitz and production we saw from every other performer. 
Instead, as Keys stood in a floor-length red dress and, in keeping with a vow she publicly announced months ago, 
little to no makeup, she recited these lines. They came in a mix of spoken-word delivery and a cappella singing:

"If war is holy, and sex is obscene, then we got it twisted in this lucid dream.
 Baptized in boundaries, schooled in sin, divided by differences sexuality and skin ..."