MAUGLI “Alba” (LP)


YNFND 021 / 2021 / LP + download / 400 copies (sold out)

YNFND 021 / 2022 Repress with updated artworks & eco-coloured Vinyl


MAUGLI blends vibrant sounds and driving rhythms from all over the globe. With a background as a drummer and of various styles, his genre-bending music blends sampling and recording into a lively collage. His crisp arrangements balance an electronic yet organic feeling.

His debut album “Alba” (translated from Italian as “sunrise“) is inspired by traditional music and the dance rituals of various Afro cultures and their diaspora such as capoeira, work songs or gnawa.

While seeking to translate their spirit into the present day, MAUGLI combines these elements with electronic music, wobbling synthesizers and stomping beats. “Ladainha” is a soulful homage to the capoeira culture featuring Professor Chipreu PDM and “Baksheesh” to the rich American blues tradition, with hypnotic synth riffs and chopped up guitar licks resolving in a south african chant (recorded in the late 1950`s).
“Mizan” opens with a pounding Guembri (a traditional gnawa three-stringed lute) accompanied by it’s descendant the ’banjo‘, allowing the sampled berber vocals to shine through. “Rawa’s” striking guitar riff is set up against biting synth blobs and piano chords, Nigerian fiddles and chants that swing us deeply into the groove. Get your ticket, for this album is an outernational roundtrip.


A1  Ladainha (ft. Chipréu)
A2  Baksheesh
A3  Mizan

B1  Umuhara
B2  Rawa
B3  Sitoti

Produced by: MAUGLI

MAUGLI plays: Acoustic & Bass Guitar, Berimbau, Keys, Synthesizer, Drums & Percussion
featuring: Chipréu on Vox & Berimbau (“Ladainha”) Pierre Caillou Burel on Slide-Guitar & Harmonica (“Baksheesh”), Luca Lulu Leon on Clarinet (“Baksheesh”) Marten Rux on Banjo (“Sitoti”)

Cat.No. YNFND 021

Release: 15.10.2021