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V.A.*/ Dingsikaxi “Festplatte“

For eighteen revolutions of the sun, they have engaged in the ephemeral symphony of real-time discourse, sans pretentious airs. Two to nine illustrious ladies of Berlin, weaving through the rich tapestry of styles and narratives, have, over time, summoned forth nearly two hundred ensembles. Genre: Concept-Pep. Each performance, each musical troupe, irrevocably entangled in the prose and nomenclature of all participants, venue, and set-up. Repetition, though a rarity, has, in some instances, been grudgingly sanctioned. Yet, lo and behold, there exists now: Festplatte. A compendium.

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Romanski “Karma Calling Remixes“

To rekindle the spirit of Romanski‘s 2022 “Karma Calling” release, we gather an illustrious group of music devotees once more: Mexico City-based Jiony, welding the title track onto the dance floor. MAUGLI unleashing a funky rendition infused with his signature groove of ‘Tagh Tagh.’ US American Mettabbana navigating the depths of imaginary soundscapes inspired by ‘Gauguin’. Bliz Nochi & Kundan Lal, letting ‘Ants’ roam through their studios. Karma calling – your favourite diskofriends responding.

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Jan Soutschek “Cycles“

Jan Soutschek fka Soček fka the lower half of JaJa, returns with balm music for calm moments.
After a few downtempo-inspired releases on YNFND, Tepeme Música & Amselcom, Jan separates from his DAW and travels deep into the Erzgebirge to buy a well-kept Pedal Steel Guitar from a retired folk musician. With this instrument, which demands the entire body to play, he records 10 fragments of beatless moods that make listeners fade away. Discover the art of serenity, embrace harmony beyond the digital realm and explore the full scale of a genre so called Ambient Americana.

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M.RUX & Xique Xique “Gohda“

M.RUX and Xique Xique combine their production talents on their new track “Gohda,” a throbbing mix of synths, mouth harp-like melodies and pulsing percussion. Powerful and dynamic, the instrumental track has an intoxicating rhythm that draws you in, creating a captivating atmosphere that’s impossible to ignore. This collaboration is sure to bring an electrifying energy and engaging soundscape that will captivate listeners.
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Kundan Lal “Power of Ra“

Kundan Lal set to sail new shores. Arriving more than half a decade after his 2017 debut ‘Periodic Perciotic’, the 2nd studio album ‘Power Of Ra’  is another artful sonic collage of dubby beats, 808s and outernational electronica.
It is hard to put your finger on his style or genre. You can feel Kundan Lal‘s DIY spirit in his production, carving his own ethnic genre. For enthusiasts of Roberto Musci or Muslimgauze, this avant-garde album is one for your collection. Keep your senses open and let the Power of Ra pass you to another world.
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YNFree 018

Bliz Nochi “MasaMasa”

Inspired by the independent movie `Scream of the Ants´ and the aim to `put together the most unsuitable sounds´, the Moldovan trip advisor Oleg Dubin aka Bliz Nochi takes you on a hike beyond boundaries that don´t even exist. Pitched chants wail onto crispy, keen & crawling electronica. Dubby slowmotion for a better world, let ´em yell at you.

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OP:OP “BooBam“

Flowing into your ears direct from Messina, Sicily – our new friends from the block – OP:OP.On this “BooBam”-EP, Andrea & Alessio commit themselves to the wave of a hypnotic downtempo groove with a ethnic tinge. Equipped with drum machines, analog synthesizers & acoustic percussion like Cabasa, Guiro, Darbuca and Berimbau. OP:OP are sharing 3 tunes inspired by the rhythms of South American traditions, tangoesque harmonies & their modern vision of electronic music.On “Rivalsa”, a 9 year old sicilian boy sings about the anger of the world, after years of abuse and damage mankind has done to it. “Notturno Solitario” is a soundtrack to the solitude of a man that drowns in alcohol. “BooBam” is inspired by OP:OPs personal oasis of peace – a bamboo garden.

OP:OP literally means `stomp ́ your feet on the dance floor, so that’s exactly what we are doing.

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Romanski “Karma Calling“

Cosmopolitanism is creeping into the bedroom studios of producers worldwide.
Romanski is another agent evolving transcultural hybrids, which blend from retained folkways to modern aged club grooves. A mixture of electronic beats in a rigid machine order and handmade organic moments woven together to form an eclectic sound. With a bit of drama, the hamburg based dj & producer Romanski, invites you on a diverse journey with his unique vision of club music.

Balearic groove patterns accompanied by repetitive bongo motives & dimmed synth themes flow along the 4 tracks (2 of them featured on 7″ vinyl) of this EP. The title track “Karma Calling” is a passionate homage to Mulatu Astatke, “Tagh Tagh” is surrounded by an iranian children’s song, “Gauguin” features a tahitian vocoder line about the french painter and on “Ants” Romanski reflects on lyrics that came to him when resident at a sanatorium years ago. Romanski is using his custom sound range & tools to express his downbeat grooves in this well balanced release. Hide below or turn around the umbrella with devotion and delight.

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Tofu Resistance “Thurídur“

Tofu Resistance returns with his new ep “Thurídur”, marking his 3rd release on YNFND after his full length debut “1//23“ in 2019.
This EP sits comfortably between both the world of beats and a more relaxed environment. Returning to his roots, Tofu Resistance aka Tobias Kleine remembers his early influences of sample based music and classy hip hop grooves.
The result is a sonorous sketch of deceleration, answering with bouncy rhythms to nod your head to. You can hear him playing the drums, guitars and various other instruments on this record.
A beautiful blend of organic and electronic production, adding his unique Tofu flavor.

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YNFree 017

Mettabbana “Drifting”

The dj, producer & vinyl collector from the US of A is editing it down again.
His weakness for raw folkloric inspirations from around the world executed in this loopy, psychedelic & cosmic music for you & me.
Slow down, lift your seatbelts and trip off with Mettabbana in our ynFree series.

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YNFree 016

Lukas Lonski “Everything is so far, far, far, far – music for two”

“Everything is so far, far, far, far – music for two” is based on an electronic improvisation that was recorded in 2018 at the small Wukensee in Brandenburg.
After the recordings aged well on a hard drive, Etkin Cekin decided to give them a song-like structure, with a layer of his undoubtful double-bass and a feature from Lukas Lonski himself, quoting lines of Enzensberger’s poem „The Sinking of the Titanic“. This tune is a taste of Lonskis’ upcoming release on his own Osthafen label.

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MAUGLI “Alba Remixes“

MAUGLI made loads of friends during his past travels, outputs & thoughts on global beat music. Arguing about cultural reconstruction is something we do not leave in the comment areas, we prefer to deal with it in our studios. So did MAUGLI with his genre-bending “Alba” release of the year 2021. Six ambitious musicians were hired to reconsider the organic sounds of “Alba” from yet another background.

The english producer and one half Shika Shika founder El Búho accepted the challenge, followed by a bunch of swiss underground statements like the bouncy vibes of Twerking Class Heroes, another diverse Lokke funk mark or the sedative attitude of Ali Dada. Finally balanced by the label mates Soček & Kundan Lal.

The outernational roundtrip goes into extension, keep the spirit & upgrade your ticket now on all digital providers.

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MAUGLI blends vibrant sounds and driving rhythms from all over the globe. With a background as a drummer and of various styles, his genre-bending music blends sampling and recording into a lively collage. His crisp arrangements balance an electronic yet organic feeling.

His debut album “Alba” (translated from Italian as “sunrise“) is inspired by traditional music and the dance rituals of various Afro cultures and their diaspora such as capoeira, work songs or gnawa. While seeking to translate their spirit into the present day, MAUGLI combines these elements with electronic music, wobbling synthesizers and stomping beats.

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Sophia Nzayisenga & Andi Otto “Abagore Barashoboye“

Andi Otto & Sophie Nzayisenga met in Kigali in January 2020. The recordings took place during the research for the theatre performance “Learning Feminism from Rwanda”, which has been created by the Flinnworks collective from Berlin together with artists from Rwanda in 2020.

Sophia Nzayisenga is the first female master of the Inanga, a traditional stringed music instrument, currently a favourite of young Rwandan musicians. “If I die today, I would die a happy woman because I have achieved my dream of keeping our traditional culture booming and inspiring many youth to learn it” she discloses. 

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YNFree 015

Daniel Holmes “U still hit my phone up”

Daniel Holmes returns to ynfnd with an heartfelt edit and rounds up our ynFree serie to the 15th release. While looking back at the last year, his new contribution appropriately signs the picture most of our fellow artists felt and still feeling right now. Somehow dark with little hope hidden somewhere. This is not just a autotune remake of an mainstream hit (which is a premiere in our realms), it is also a dedication to a lost friend.

In memory of James le Roux. Rest in peace brother.

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YNFree 014

El Mago “Ikare/Deadale”

2021, a new year, a new free. Following up the 7″ split with mettabbana, we are finally releasing the digital version of “Ikare” alongside an second jam from El Mago “Deadale”. If you missed El Mago’s debut “Kanénas” (YNFND019), this ep might be a good start to get hooked.

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YNFree 013

Romanski “Mystics and men”

We welcome the persistent producer ROMANSKI under the umbrella. With some continuous escort service into the blue. A mystery tour along decent motion & controlled emotion.

Something gets me started, something holds me down, 
a voice is calling, liquid drops are falling.
Tuned percussions respond on synthetic questions about:
who are we supposed to be – who´s my saviour on this free
part of programmed symmetry?

______ _ _ _  _  _   _   _    _     _       _         _


EL MAGO “Kanénas”

Singer and producer El Mago debuts on YNFND with a 4 track gatefold LP entitled `Kanénas ́.
Based half in Thessaloniki and half in Berlin, he ties between two identities as greek and german. Transfusing the roots of urban Greek music `Rembetiko ́ with modern electronica, he symbolises his personal journey with the connection of his two cultural identities.

On entrance we start with `Gígantes ́, a fusion of vibrant humming, synthetic pops, crackles and the poetic voice of Plastelini. From the get-go we witness a vocal story written about the relationship with your demons, and how to live beside them. Interrupted by erratic gun- shots and bass-heavy shuffles, the message provokes a somewhat conflicting reaction.

Stepping into what seems like a distorted cave, `Thálassa ́ takes us into tripped beats, off-time glitches and synthesised brush strokes. Swaying between looming hums and a pull and release of echo as it comes to it’s end.

As we flip the record, a dissonant sample leads us into `Filakí ́, with what can be described as ancient bass. Vocal fragments shout but whisper as they are broken up by explosions. By the time the song reaches climax, you sense the origin of El Mago’s roots.

The finale entitled `Potámi ́ boasts delicate guitar strings, followed by laid-back rhythms and El Mago himself on vocals. A bygone tale comes to mind as Potamós embraces Mago’s musical past as a performer in the more traditional sense, an ode to Rembetiko once again.

You may think that `Potámi ́ marks the end of his musical odyssey, but in truth it is just the start. He is not Kanénas* yet.

*translated as `Nobody ́

The release is accompanied by 4 tarot-themed cards depicting each track with poems written by Lina Rococco, alongside 1 secret track on vinyl only.

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split 7″

El Mago from Greece is hooking up with south american native ceremonials. The Berlin/Thessaloniki based ritual master (down)beats all strains of cultural appropriation with smart style and groove straight outta subcultistan.
Followed by Mettabbana from the divided states of America, editing sahrawi classic on liberation, hope & vision. Seductive repetitions, subtle as the saharan sands, riding on trance- inducing guitar loops, arabic percussion & harmonies.

______ _ _ _  _  _   _   _    _     _       _         _

YNFree 012

“Anticuario” – Mettabbana  EP

We welcome Mettabbana from the divided states of America to your our ynFree download serie with a 3 track E.P. .
Starting with sahrawi classic about liberation, hope & vision.
This release seduces you with repetitions in subtlety as the saharan sands.
Riding on trance- inducing guitar loops, you’ll find arabic percussion along side harmonies from all around the world.

______ _ _ _  _  _   _   _    _     _       _         _

YNFree 011

“Xelal Ko” Meï Teï Shô
Phil Weé  (edit)

Still ynFree in times of isolation.
Phil Weé pays tribute to one of his favorite afrobeat bands: Meï Teï Shô from Lyon.
Subtle electronic beats meet the pulse of traditional music.

______ _ _ _  _  _   _   _    _     _       _         _

YNFree 010

“Song of the road” Jason Molina
funkenschleuder (edit)

We welcome funkenschleuder to the 10th round of our ynfree serie.
It‘s a dub for the road thats keeps you rolling. The bass is driving and you are the passenger. Take a backseat and enjoy the clouds passing by.
R.I.P. Jason Molina.

______ _ _ _  _  _   _   _    _     _       _         _


KUNDAN LAL مجلس | Majlis

Two years after his hypnotic debut album “Periodic Perciotic”, wanderer of the worlds Kundan Lal returns with new outernational downbeats!
Three of the tracks on “مجلس | Majlis” are based on Pakistani dance classics by Muhammad Ashraf (PAKY LIFE), Khalil Ahmed (OVO RHAPS), Sohail Rana (VULGAR DRAGONS), and one on turkish psychedelia by Moğollar (TUDAMUS).
Selected micro-sequences of these old recordings are tangled up in a dubby soup of Dr. John-esque swamp percussion, off-beat bass lines, droney organs, a creaking synthesizer assembly and the trademark oriental field recordings by Kunsaf Halil, which are spread all over the record.
“مجلس | Majlis” can perhaps be seen as the missing link between Débruit and the Contact Field Orchestra.

______ _ _ _  _  _   _   _    _     _       _         _

YNFree 009

Twerking Class Heroes “Recital Orchestre Mopti” (edit)

From Mopti to Basel.
Hot saharan wind and desert guitar riffs swirl up in rising synths and arpeggios. Now you can see the niger taking its way through the swiss alps.
Basel hits the steppe.
The Swiss duo Twerking Class Heroes comes around with a very groovy, electronic and beat driven version of the Recital Orchestre de Mopti from Mali.

______ _ _ _  _  _   _   _    _     _       _         _


KUSHT “together”

Kusht surfaces with a playful release full of tottery synths,
crisp percussions and mind-bending samples.
On this 6-track LP released on almost occult YNFND from Germany’s ever rainy baltic coast, the Scottish producer easily blends bluesy guitar riffs with wailing electronic pads.
 Shuffled backbeats melt with ominous samples into a sticky glue,
trapping every listener into a bouncy dance.
Kusht can already look back on a vivid and versatile back- catalogue but still manages
to top it off with a many-sided and thought-out work of art in his signature style.
This 12″ full of folkloristic beats has what it needs to become
one of this year’s secret weapons, w
ith early support of some of Germany’s acknowledged tastemakers.

______ _ _ _  _  _   _   _    _     _       _         _

YNFree 008

Alice Phoebe Lou + Olmo “Devil’s Sweetheart”
Pigmalião Remix

It is a simple equation: Alice Phoebe Lou + Olmo + Pigmalião = a dark and bluesy hit that crawls on your back, claws on tight, tingles in your spine and hisses in your ear : Hey, you, you with your head in the clouds …

Despite the already stunning original, Pigmalião crafts a solid foundation of beats and synths for this bittersweet anthem.

______ _ _ _  _  _   _   _    _     _       _         _

YNFree 007

M.RUX “el baraka”

Silhouetted districts with square shaped mud houses. There is always a crowd of men & boys around strangers in town.

M.RUX processed another gem of gnawa tradition, found in the souks of Tiznit. Goat string driven blues beaten by refurbished percussion & dance figures. Camel skin drums, edgy waves of a classy synth and vocals that call and response to them lord.

______ _ _ _  _  _   _   _    _     _       _         _



Exploring rhythms and instruments from all over the world has always been a motive in the music of German producer Tobias Kleine aka Tofu Resistance.
His full length debut following a 7“ release on the label YNFND shows him expanding, deepening and developing his passion and techniques in a fusion of various influences. Although sampling still plays a key role in his productions, Kleine plays most of the instruments featured in the album, from Fender Rhodes inspired synthesisers to his Brasilian berimbau or the asian jaw drum.
Originally a trained drummer, you can hear his focus on rhythm and percussion without losing sight of harmonies or intrumentation. 1//23 is a stunning debut with depths and edges that dive into colorful downbeats and shapes, often creating mystery yet solidity, as the album title promises.

______ _ _ _  _  _   _   _    _     _       _         _

YNFND 014  |  YNFree 006


Pigmalião, not only known for his elegant productions, but for digging the vinyl crates, found another gem in musical history, this time from Japan.  Being truthful to Itsuroh Shimoda’s original he extends the percussion line, shapes the bass and adds psychedelic synths that send shivers down your spine.

Martha van Staaten debuts with her first production. An edit of the Lijadu Sister’s original ‘Osupa I’. Skillfully chopped and baked together. Floating guitar hooks, a laid back bass-line and finely-spun rhythms are the ingredients in that ode to the moon. As the wolf howls: ‘a-ooooooooo’

______ _ _ _  _  _   _   _    _     _       _         _

YNFree 005

KUSHT `Didn´t leave me / All my tears´ (edits)

Once upon a time dj Gammler came around the corner with a hint to this scotch guy in Oslo named KUSHT. After mental handshake we met on the slowest dancefloor in town and headed up for more.
Here you go with our first affair: A delta of christian spirituals and pop blueprints (your mother would like) by Emmylou Harris – stripped down & reassambled by Buddy aka KUSHT striking for our solid ynFree series at number 5. Shaky beats, petting melodies & potent grooves. May the data be with you.

______ _ _ _  _  _   _   _    _     _       _         _


RLHBSLCN “30 Huevo Mi Patrona”

RLHBSLCN’s `30 Huevo Mi Patrona´ is a welcome respite for journeyers of all modes of travel. Recorded in his hometown Mendoza, he wandered the streets and back alleys, sampling and lurking around for inspiration, resolving in an acoustic transmissions with synthetic textures and argentinian rhythms. Ambling and disheveled on the surface, a hidden precision reveals itself to the careful observer. Sometimes one has to get lost in order to be found. May 30 Huevo Mi Patrona be your auditory traveling companion.

______ _ _ _  _  _   _   _    _     _       _         _

YNFree 004

MAUGLI `Away / Did You Ever´ (edits)

The first song „Away“ starts dark with choppy guitar licks, chants and arpeggios, repeating, twirling and pulling you in, drawing you deep into its rhythmic african world. A warm percussive piece, underlined by deep bass and shaky synths, warping and weaving in and out. Schweben’s „Away“,a sample of Merlui Miranda’s „Pamé Daworo“, Ogoya Nengo and The Dodo Women’s Group’s „Kadana“ have been warped into the track.
„I bought a Shotgun“ the infamous Screamin’ Jay Hawkins used by sample trio „Den Sorte Skole“, returns to stage. Based on the pounding guitar pattern of Damon’s Song „Did You Ever“ Maugli kickstarts his second track with a bass and a beat that gets your teeth churning and shakes you to the bone. With delightful twists and turns the track becomes a catchy headbanger that is hard to rest on.

______ _ _ _  _  _   _   _    _     _       _         _



Daniel Holmes “Madonna a dítě (II)” shows off with its stumbling percussion. The vocal sample from an old czechoslovakian record darkens the sky for a second before the organic grooving bass meets synthesizers and beats to illuminate the shade and leads us to a brighter and powerful climax.
Tofu Resistance “The Awakened“ combines formidable beat skills and soothing instrumentation with a poem of empowerment. Slow grooves and peachy synths accompany a pounding mouth harp and a sample of Alicia Keys voice repeating, “if war is holy?”.

______ _ _ _  _  _   _   _    _     _       _         _

YNFree 003

TOFU RESiSTANCE `The Awakened´

“If war is holy and sex is obscene, we’ve got it twisted in this lucid dream.“
Thrilled to welcome Tofu Resistance to our free download series with a very unique, powerful and expressive arrangement. “The Awakened“ combines formidable beat skills and soothing instrumentation with a poem of empowerment that makes you wonder and think about our current status of equality of gender, race or nationality.

______ _ _ _  _  _   _   _    _     _       _         _

YNFree 002

SOČEK `Buschblues / Plain Gold Ring (edit)´

“You just bear this in mind, a true friend is hard to find“
For the second round of our free download series we welcome Mr. Soček, often seen on the bass as one half of the amazing duo JAJA. He now delivers us two new reinterpretations of legendary bluesman Son House and the sublime queen of jazz Nina Simone. Low-key jazz melodies meet rolling beats with mooching basslines and oily chords.

______ _ _ _  _  _   _   _    _     _       _         _


KUNDAN LAL `Periodic Perciotic´

w/ sampled sounds, loops & inspiration by: Dunya Yunis, Digger Barnes, Nils Frahm, Tony Scott, Lata Mangeshkar, Ella Jenkins, Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Abdullah Ibrahim & Chancha via Circuito
Lost-and-found beats rub glitchy shoulders with the vocals from some scratched-up vinyl of indian raga you never heard of. Banjos on repeat, women wailing, yogis whispering then tapping on tablas, synthetic beats thrumming: It’s like your favourite downbeat DJ-with-attitude messed around in the most exotic record stores you never found. „Periodic Perciotic“, the hypnotic debut album by Kundan Lal is an unholy mess of sampled vibes, loops & field recordings, too many synths to list here and enough percussion to make the most obstinate shoulders sway.

______ _ _ _  _  _   _   _    _     _       _         _


M.RUX `In the hold – Remixes´

It was late last year that M.RUX’s In The Hold EP saw the light of day, released on YNFND. The cult label now returns with six hand-crafted remixes.
Entrusted with the task of adding their own touch to his inimitable sound, M.RUX has assembled an enviable troupe of friends and lovers from all corners of the globe. There are appearances by Brazil’s Pigmalião, San Francisco-based producer Nonagon, the irish globetrotter Peter Power, Ninze from Germany and the pan-Atlantic producer-duo History of Colour featuring El Buhó and Barrio Lindo, or the creepin’ and crawlin’ arrangement of RLHBSLCN.

______ _ _ _  _  _   _   _    _     _       _         _

YNFree 001

DANIEL HOLMES `Madonna a dítě (II)´

The first track and the start of our new free download serie :
An Czech Fieldrecording named “Madonna a dítě (II)” reinterpreted by Daniel Holmes.

______ _ _ _  _  _   _   _    _     _       _         _


M.RUX `In the hold´

The EP release of multi-instrumentalist and dj M.RUX is something of a contradiction: at once a slow grind in sweaty ecstasy, while at the same time observing you coolly from a distance, legs crossed, tapping one foot gently. Dirty-minded concoction of soul samples, melodies, beats and varied sounds.

______ _ _ _  _  _   _   _    _     _       _         _


JAJA `Tropical Bird Club´

Like the musical equivalent of a Henri Rousseau painting, these six tropical ditties by Jascha Hagen and Jan Soutchek – aka JAJA – lure listeners into a tropical jungle of psychedelic sounds, roaming through a damp and dreamy swamp down to labyrinthine rivers, then up again to the mystical heights of the Andes.
JAJA weave a wild cosmos of natural sounds together with their dance floor-ready bass and astral synthesizers. A fiesta of indigenous bird and insect noises arrives around vocals and even choirs, accompanied by the pounding of organic percussion. Flute and guitar samples from long-forgotten South American folk songs paint a melancholy rainbow over the whole tropical hallucination. Makumba!

______ _ _ _  _  _   _   _    _     _       _         _


M.RUX `Joga/CrazyJunker´

wir freuen uns wiedermal, mit euch eine neue Edit 7-inch “JOGA / CRAZY JUNKER” von M.Rux drauf legen zu können! Diesmal eine verwunschene Weichzeichnerversion eines well-known Jogaliedes (nicht die Sportart), gesungen aus einem ganz anderen Mund. Auf der B-Seite eine Überraschung aus den 50zigern, auch früher ging es nicht nur um Drogen und Blues!

______ _ _ _  _  _   _   _    _     _       _         _


M.RUX & FOG PUMA `Surf’s Up/ Golden Girls´

M. Rux und Fog Puma haben sich zweier Hippiehymnen angenommen – einer aus den 1960ern, und einer aus den 2010ern. “Surf’s Up/ Golden Girls”-Edits. 200 Stück. Anno 2013

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Analogkäse `2 3 1 Start´

kleinkräuterrock bis sunshine reggea mittels gleichlaufschwankungen von mama afrika entrückt. kinderleichte reime auf luxeriösem existenzminimum, ein klingelklangelhort für beide ohren.

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Cat´n`Guyen `shinyhiphopdeathfuck´

Was einst als schlechter Witz geplant war, wurde zum Selbstla?ufer: Der verstooerte Krachkater CATBOY und die Plastikprinzessin LRTT trashten die letzten 3 Jahre munter durch die Landen und gossen 2012 ihre gesammelten Werte an Trotz, Props & Tradition in die Unvergaenglichkeit eines Debut-Albums.

The never ending joke finds it’s punchline in 2012. For 3 years Catboy + LRTT took a header into every dirty hole, where crawling rats from the periphery of existance try to hide. Finally they knit their hands bloody and release a total DIY-record. A full speed train of Drone-HipHop-Metal.

Split-Release mit : TRiMTABTAPES (MC // limitiert + inkl. 2 bonus tracks!!!)

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ellenschneider `111´

*111* erschien am 6.2.2o1o auf `Biesentales´ *
in strengkatholisch limitierter auflage von 111 handgedrehten Compactscheiben. YNFND presst das Album frisch gemastert in Vinyl ab fruehjahr 20111 …

Gastmusiker: Kiki Bohemia, Jayrope, Lippstueck, Ali & Kay, Jörg Peters, Zinnober

erste worte, ernste worte, stimmen zur stimmung :

“Glamour Folk und Schunkel-Psychedelik” (Neue Zürcher Zeitung)

“Irgendwo zwischen bittersüßen Klangkollagen, beruhigend gebettet in subtile bis rituelle Rhythmuskonstrukte, finden die sanften Stimmen von ellenschneider ihr Zuhause. Ein gut funktionierendes Gemisch und einen gehörigen Schritt weiter als die gewöhnlich säuselnde Pop-Poetik” (Fusion Festival Guide 2010)

“es hat sehr lange gedauert… die rostocker jungs haben aber den ganz langen atem geatmet und jede zithersaite einzeln gespielt und ausklingen lassen und illustre gäste ins studio geladen und berückende arrangements aus den songideen gewoben, alles gut im rechner abhängen und trocknen lassen, wieder umgepackt, tribale toms in die aula der schiefzüngigen feierlichkeiten platziert und viel gewagt an atmosphärischem und hauptsächlich auch gesungenem, mehrstimmigem geäst.
drei mal die eins, ellens neue nummer.” (Lippstueck / Neumund)

“inside the room in my head, by sea under the stars to the moon … , und dann bauten sie eine kathedrale im norden. verwunschenes fachwerk, und darinnen sangen sie volkslieder, von geisterzithern begleitet … große platte ohne wenn und aber” (fieldagent Slowlearner / Goldmund)

“ellen als sonic experience. ellen gelutscht 2.0. ancient zither mantras melt into ethereal folktales within uptodate bohemian rhythm skillz. die familie im überbesetzten orchestergraben miemt die elfe, den wilden westen und das ritual. mit ellen auf reisen – i hear the voice of my friends.” (Kundan Lal / ynfnd)

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Olsen and the Hurley Sea – s/t

Hinter Olsen and the Hurley Sea verbirgt sich der Berliner Singer-/Songschreiber Ole Ortmann, der das Projekt unter dem Namen Olsen and the Incredible Sound of the Unseen Orchestra zunächst alleine bestritt und zwei EP´s veröffentlichte.

Als Ole Ortmann auf den Produzenten Nikolai Potthoff trifft wurde auch The Hurley Sea geboren. Nikolai Potthoff nahm die Songs auf, produzierte und bediente anfangs noch selbst den Bass. Während der Produktion übernahm dann das spätere Live-Line Up von The Hurley Sea, Marten Rux (Drums) und Lorenz Baumeister (Bass).

“Um eine intime, dichte Atmosphäre bemüht, war das Anliegen, neben einem guten Sound, das Gefühl zu erzeugen, die Band spiele gleich nebenan oder direkt vor dir im gleichen Zimmer. Nebengeräusche wurden nichtwegretuschiert, Störgeräusche und Rauschen haben wir ganz bewusst im Mix gelassen, … letztendlich ging es um den Take, der das Gefühl des Songs widerspiegelte, und dies war mir um einiges wichtiger als der perfekte Sound.” (Ole Ortmann)

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You need – COMPiPi

Zwanzig musikalische Ammenmärchen aus der Rostocker `Youneedfriends-notDiskos´-Familiensaga. Zwischen den Schubladen Folk, HipHop, Pop, Elektro, Dub & Psychedelic wird munter hin&her gestapelt. Das ist keine subventionierte Hobbyblase – sondern kommt mit Schnitt & Schmackes angedampft wie einst HerrJeh in Galilä´. Klublastige Grooves treffen auf feinsinnig bis theatrale Unterhaltung.

78 Minuten Musik für beide Ohren zauberhaft gemastered und in bester `act local – think global´- Manier in Taiwan in eine unschlagbar sympathische Verpackung gepresst (CD).

u.a. exclusives & wohl temperiertes Material von: Allroh, Ellenschneider, Cat´n´Guyen, Animal Cops, Fräulein Schein, Sorry Entertainer Inc., Hits4Kids, Air Cushion Finish

Tracklist :
1. Anne Rolfs aka ALLROH – “eine skabiose”
2. ellenschneider – “this singing song”
3. Cat´n´Guyen – “pull off your shirt”
4. HiTS4KiDS – “p/r.esident”
5. Animal Cops – “man can go”
6. Fräulein Schein – “Braingrillin”
7. FeuerWasserSturm – “i´ll be ther 4u”
8. Sorry Entertainer Inc. – “watching you”
9. Brotherhood of Snakes – “choir”
10. Animal Cops – “einbeintwist”
11. ellenschneider – “sidewalk”
12. HiTS4KiDS – “jonston”
13. Air Cushion Finish – “fuchsjagd”
14. Sorry Entertainer Inc. – “Discoqueen”
15. Cat´n´Guyen – “not from here”
16. HiTS4KiDS – “raja”
17. Diskofriends – “truckdiver”
18. Cat´n´Guyen – “plastic action figure”
19. Clicks&Errors – “frau stopkuchen”
20. ellenschneider – “times and towns”